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Re: Whonix - Advice on Accessibility for a Debian Derivative

Samuel Thibault:
> Patrick Schleizer, on Tue 15 Dec 2015 00:27:00 +0000, wrote:
>> I am a maintainer of Whonix, which is a Free/Libre Software derivative
>> of Debian. In essence, a pre-installed Debian with modifications. Ready
>> to be downloaded images to be used inside virtual machines.
> So it's a general-purpose image, not especially meant for accessibility?


> How do user log into the virtual machine?  Ssh, vnc, something else?

ssh / vnc not.

Using the platforms (virtualizer)'s graphical user interface. (Multi


- just like a normal Debian installation on hardware (which we call
physical isolation),
- VirtualBox gui,
- virt-manager (KVM gui) or
- Qubes.

>> Would it make sense to install all of the following?
>> gnome-orca espeakup brltty brltty-speechd brltty-x11 console-braille
>> florence dasher kdeaccessibility kvkbd kmousetool kmag kmouth jovie
> xbrlapi could be useful too. On Debian it's getting pulled by a
> Recommends in gnome-orca and brltty-x11,


> but perhaps you don't pull
> Recommends?

Not pulling recommends indeed.

> As of Stretch, qt-at-spi should now be getting pulled by libqt4gui
> already.
>> Any other packages that should be installed by default?
> Better voice support for english can be obtained by installing festival.
>> Any other settings that should be tuned by default?
> For a general-purpose image, the default settings of Debian should
> already be fine. If they're not, we shall fix that in Debian.

Sounds good!


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