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Re: Pluseaudio, speech-dispatcher, and console + graphical screen readers

>>>>> "Halim" == Halim Sahin <halim.sahin@freenet.de> writes:

    Halim> Hi, I am not sure if I got it right.  If you want to shutdown
    Halim> connection to pa every time after speechoutput this will
    Halim> produce latency and would reduce responsiveness of speechd.
    Halim> Responsiveness is an important thing for a11y Applications.

I think that if you haven't been speaking for say 10 seconds or so, the
sort of latency you're talking about even if you have to pull the ALSA
stream back up within pulseaudio itself is entirely acceptable.
Certainly I don't see latency problems on ]Android when I touch the
device after it's suspended audio.  It's not using pulse, but I suspect
the latency you're talking about there is very close to what you'd see
if you restart the streat between speech-dispatcher and pulseaudio and
that restarts the alsa stream within pulseaudio.

Actually, I do have hard data on this.  I use espeak with emacspeak
through pulseaudio directly without speech-dispatcher.  If I don't have
speech-dispatcher running, which is to say, nothing is holding the alsa
stream open at the pulseaudio level, responsiveness is fine.  So, no, I
don't think the issue you're describing is a significant problem if you
hold the stream open for a few seconds after you're done.

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