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Re: [Tux4kids-tuxtype-dev] Tux4kids-tuxtype-dev Digest, Vol 80, Issue 7 at-spi2-atk_2.16.0-1_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable at-spi2-core_2.16.0-1_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable brltty handy tech issue Bug#570054: marked as done (Wrong URL in manpage.) Re: Bug#667616: marked as forwarded (brltty greedily grabs serial ports, ftdi_sio loses connection) Bug#784867: mate-media-pulse: Impossible to change sound effects settings Bug#784894: xbrlapi kills not properly Bug#785864: pocketsphinx: Please update to GStreamer 1.x Bug#786043: sphinxtrain: deprecation of python-support Bug#786186: dots: deprecation of python-support Bug#786674: at-spi2-core: AT-SPI D-Bus bus started only in GNOME environment Re: Bug#786832: software speech not working on installation CD on this machine Comments regarding speech-tools_2.4~release-1_amd64.changes edbrowse_3.5.3-1_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable emacspeak_41.0+dfsg-2_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable gnome-orca_3.16.2-1_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable liblouis_2.6.2-1_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable Processed: bug 782979 is forwarded to Processed: Re: Bug#785864: pocketsphinx: Please update to GStreamer 1.x Processed: tagging 773506 Processed: tagging 782979 Processed: your mail Processing of at-spi2-atk_2.16.0-1_amd64.changes Processing of at-spi2-core_2.16.0-1_amd64.changes Processing of edbrowse_3.5.3-1_amd64.changes Processing of emacspeak_41.0+dfsg-2_amd64.changes Processing of gnome-orca_3.16.2-1_amd64.changes Processing of liblouis_2.6.2-1_amd64.changes Processing of pyatspi_2.16.0+dfsg-1_amd64.changes Processing of sonic_0.2.0-1_amd64.changes Processing of speech-tools_2.4~release-1_amd64.changes pyatspi_2.16.0+dfsg-1_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable sonic_0.2.0-1_amd64.changes is NEW Re: Speech-dispatcher: do any modules/backends support playing sound-icons ? speech-tools_2.4~release-1_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable, unstable speech-tools_2.4~release-1_amd64.changes is NEW speech-tools_2.4~release-1_amd64.changes REJECTED Trouble with brltty-speechd in jessie The last update was on 11:03 GMT Mon Jun 03. There are 50 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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