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Re : Re: Re : Re: Virtual Braille terminal? Brltty and lightdm

> It was dropped deliberately because the Orca preferences dialog is for
> options for users; not debugging tools for sighted developers. :)

It is a pitty I think. Because this feature is really convinient when we do some shows (demo) during meetings. And it can be useful for people who want to know how a blind people sees the screen through Orca. Finally and especially, for training, it is excellent if a sighted teacher can see what the user has on his braille display even if it is not blind himself (in particular to teach the web). The same to teach to a sighted people how things hapen while we dont have a braille display available and he does not understand the speech, but would learn better seeing visually what happens on the bhraille screen. So this feature is really useful, beyond debugging (I never used for that myself, as blind and not dev, but needed to show).

But well... anyway thanks for the info, I keep it to have a way to enable it in commandline.


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