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Re: [compiz] Accessibility of Cairo/OpenGL text: ATK without GTK?


On 2015-04-13 at 16:14, MC Return wrote:

> Have you tried to activate this option to see
>     if it fixes your problem ?

I've tried it on the Application Switcher plugin; as far as I can see the
option is not available on the other switchers.

Anyway unfortunately no, vocalization doesn't happen until switching is
over and the selected window actually rises.  I was thinking that the
window decorator was responsible for vocalizing the title but now I see
that that's is not the case -- disabling emerald didn't change the

Focus on Switch doesn't seem to have any effect with respect to title

>     If the window title is vocalized after switching it probably is a reaction
>     to the focus change and thus the functionality to trigger vocalization is
>     already there

That's encouraging; things would be much simpler if it could be done
that way.  Worth investigating.


Luca Saiu
Hypra team (Accessible website in construction)

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