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Accessibility of Cairo/OpenGL text: ATK without GTK?


While playing with Compiz window switchers (there are several) I noticed
that the selected window name is displayed but not vocalized by the
screen reader.

I was initially surprised after discovering that the window title is not
drawn with GTK; but I understand that Compiz itself does not actually
depend on GTK --- only the GTK window decorator and CCSM use it.  So
Compiz renders text using Cairo on top of an OpenGL surface, which is
all very reasonable.

In this situation, what's the cleanest way of making the selected window
title accessible?  Is there an easy way of using ATK without making a
GTK label just for the purpose, or should I try some other route?

Thanks in advance,

Luca Saiu
Hypra team (Accessible website in construction)

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