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Re: How to change GSettings from command-line?

Emilio Pozuelo Monfort <pochu@debian.org> writes:

> On 20/03/14 16:58, Mario Lang wrote:
>> Mario Lang <mlang@debian.org> writes:
>>> Hi.
>>> Now that the orca autostart indicator has moved into a GSetting
>>> (org.gnome.desktop.a11y.applications screen-reader-enabled) I am
>>> wondering how to enable this setting without having to fiddle with the GUI.
>> Nevermind, found the answer to my own question on this mailing list :-).
> Also note that with the next update to gnome-settings-daemon, the Super+Alt+s
> shortcut will enable/disable Orca, and that should also work from gdm.

Yes, I have seen that.  However, I needed a workaround until this lands
in sid.

> Still enabling it from the installer as needed sounds good.

Yes, me thinks this would be helpful.  If I install a fresh system with
a braille display connected or speakup enabled, I most definitely
want gdm to already launch orca for me, so that I do not have to
remember or research this key press.

BTW: There is apparently a bug in gdm's launching of orca:
When I login, a second orca is launch, while the one running
as user Debian-gdm continues running.  I am not sure if this is intended.
When I logout again, the gdm orca does not resume speaking.
So logging in again after a logout is currently not accessible on the
test system we just setup.


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