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Re: Is this true?

On 01/02/14 21:23, Doug Smith wrote:
> I just found some information I am not sure about.  Is it true that debian will
> be changing from gnome to xfce in the future?  If it is true, how accessible
> will it be?  I have used gnome for quite some time and am really concerned about
> changing to another desktop.  If this is true, how well will orca work?

The default desktop environment has been changed to xfce. That decision may be
revisited before the jessie release, we'll see. I don't know how accessible xfce
is, though it uses the same toolkit as gnome so I expect it to at least be
somewhat accessible. 'Somewhat' may not be good enough though... If you (or
somebody) can test it and let us know that could provide relevant information
for when the default desktop environment decision is revisited.


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