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Re: Bug#735202: speakup crashes debian

On Sun, 2 Feb 2014, Paul Gevers wrote:

On 26-01-14 19:28, Geoff Shang wrote:
It seems to happen when working in more primitive environments with
no readline.

Triggered by the mail of Jude, do you confirm that installing readline
prevents this bug from happening? Than indeed adding that as a
dependency would solve your issue.

No it doesn't. Just because readline is installed, it doesn't mean that everything you run wil use it. Apart from my `cat` example which crashes reliably even with readline6 installed, there are commands which don't use readline (e.g. at) where I believe it will occur. right now I'm not in a position to test it.

IMHO, tryign to work around the bug isn't the right approach. A bug that will crash the entire system hard needs to be treated as a bug that needs to be fixed.


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