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Re: Is this true?

On 01-02-14 21:23, Doug Smith wrote:
> I just found some information I am not sure about.  Is it true that
> debian will be changing from gnome to xfce in the future?  If it is
> true, how accessible will it be?  I have used gnome for quite some time
> and am really concerned about changing to another desktop.  If this is
> true, how well will orca work?

I haven't heard any conclusive result, but I believe the discussion has
started indeed. The issue of accessibility has been raised and people
cared for it. I personally don't know either gnome nor xfce (nor am I
able to properly test accessibility) so I wouldn't know. But as far as I
can tell, you can test yourself. Already xfce should be installable on
the same computer running gnome. Instead of starting gnome, you can
start xfce as window manager. It would be valuable for this list (and
the larger discussion) how you experience xfce accessibility.


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