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Re: Orphaning several accessibility packages

Hi Milan and all other readers,

On 30-11-13 21:01, Milan Zamazal wrote:
> I orphan and offer for adoption several accessibility packages:

Thank you for bringing this up on debian-a11y. I think for most, if not
all, packages the a11y team is a good team to do the maintenance. I am
not filing ITA just yet, but if nobody else steps in between, I intend
to do so soon.

Just to be sure: looking at the versions in Debian, most seem rather
stable. Are you aware of urgent or upcoming changes that need attention.

> - On behalf of Boris Dušek and myself, I offer all Czech Festival voices
>   (festvox-czech-ph -- bug #730988, festvox-czech-dita -- bug #730989,
>   festvox-czech-krb -- bug #730991, festvox-czech-machac -- bug #730990)
>   as well as festival-czech package (WNPP bug #730997) for adoption.
>   They are easy to maintain.  I understand there aren't many maintainers
>   with interest in Czech speech synthesis around, so I'll try to
>   continue maintaining the packages if nobody wants them, but I'd like
>   to find a better maintainer for them.

Does this list have any czech speaking (or better: listening) readers? I
think maintaining those in this team could be done, but I can't judge
the language, which makes me slightly hesitant. I can do the
preparation, but I like other to check the voices.


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