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Re: Orphaning several accessibility packages

>>>>> "PG" == Paul Gevers <elbrus@debian.org> writes:

    PG> I think for most, if not all, packages the a11y team is a good
    PG> team to do the maintenance. I am not filing ITA just yet, but if
    PG> nobody else steps in between, I intend to do so soon.

Good idea, thanks for help!

    PG> Just to be sure: looking at the versions in Debian, most seem
    PG> rather stable. Are you aware of urgent or upcoming changes that
    PG> need attention.

I'm not sure about Speech Dispatcher but the other upstream packages are
basically in "standby mode" and there are no upstream changes planned.

    PG> Does this list have any czech speaking (or better: listening)
    PG> readers? 

I'm going to continue lurking here so I can help when needed.  I'm also
author or co-author of most of the orphaned and offered packages so I
can also provide some upstream support.

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