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Re: Please help with accessibility of accessibility :)

Hi Samuel,

Great initiative. I consider myself the perfect example of one willing
to help but very disabled to actually test accessibility, as I don't
need it for myself.

[My current wifi connection is horrible, so I don't know if I will
update the web-site soon.]

On 08-10-13 23:01, Samuel Thibault wrote:
> To give a example, bug #725290 is about emacspeak having to upgrade from
> tcl 8.4 to tcl 8.5 or 8.6.  The reporter could easily make sure that it
> built fine, but he didn't know how to check that it actually *works*
> fine.

I will follow-up to that bug, but... I doubt it works without more
modifications. I did look into this during adoption of the package, but
at the time it did not seem trivial and IIRC requires tcl knowledge
(which I haven't so far). As an example, see the comment that was
removed in the "patch", where I state explicitly that we need 8.4 for now.

> For emacspeak for instance, I'm not able to help
> on the bug either, because I have no idea how one works with emacspeak,
> so I'd need a very small documentation which would probably tell me
> which emacs commands I have to type to start emacspeak, and what I
> am supposed to hear, when, and when doing what.

I will add it, but that is easy. Don't start /usr/bin/emacs, but start
/usr/bin/emacspeak. If configured right (, emacs should start talking to
you straight away. And now with the additional package of
emacspeak-espeak-server it should be even possible without hardware devices.


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