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Re: need some accessible command-line tools

Hello Don,

Don Raikes schrieb am 19.06.2013, 14:23 -0700:
>I am building a console-only debian-based live/installed system, and I am
>looking for any suggestions on packages for the following:
>1.       Pdf to text/html conversion (found pdftohtml, but not pdftotext).
Install poppler-utils, then you will have pdftotext.

>2.       Some kind of perhaps curses-based word processing program. Doesn't
>have to be real fancy,
>But need to be able to import resulting documents into office or openoffice.
There is none known to me. But Abiword can e. g. do the following:

abiword --to=rtf my_text_file
abiword --to=txt my.rtf

>3.       Text-based network management tool.
On Debian that's the default networking system, with configuration files under

For WLAN there is also wpa_cli or something similar, I don't remember the exact

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