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Re: When will the orca screen reader work again?

Thank all of you for your help.  I believe that I might be able to do something about this problem.  I realize that desktop integration into a system 
might cause something to break.  

I have no problem with working on things.  When I finish some studying I am doing on modern software development, I might just like to jump in and 

This whole thing is a blessing in disguize as it presents the perfect learning environment and research problem.  This is just what I really needed to 
put some of what I am learning into a practical application.  

When I am confident in what I am doing, I might just like to ask if it would be possible to join and do some of the development with you.  I will be 
back on that one in the near future, when I have finished my studies in software development.  


Doug Smith: Special Agent
S.W.A.T  Spiritual Warfare and Advanced Technology
Forever serving our LORD and SAVIOUR, JESUS CHRIST.

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