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When will the orca screen reader work again?

Hi, all the debian users out there who use adaptive technology.  I am writing with a few questions about the situation with orca.  

First of all, I am glad to be able to use command line, as I do most of my serious computing that way anyhow.  I am really glad that this part of the 
system is still fully functional.  

However, I am interested in knowing when orca will be working again.  I know I was responsible for the occurrence on our machine, because I had never 
used testing through a new stable release, and I upgraded too soon.  For that, I take full responsibility.  There were enough packages updated that it 
would be difficult or even impractical to try to fix.  I have several questions that I hope you will be able to answer.  

1. Is there any idea about when the new desktop packages will make their way to testing? 

2. Is there any new information you can give us about these packages?

3. Is it going to be gnome 3.6 or 3.8 that makes it to testing? 

4. When all the packages are installed and orca is working properly again, can someone please help me to set up the talking login screen for the gnome 

5. I now have orca in my startup applications for gnome because it wouldn't work on 3.4, even with the screen reader enabled in the access menu on the 
desktop main menu.  Will I have to take this out and do any additional configuration?

6. Right now, I do not see any activity on the mailing list about which packages have been accepted into unstable or testing.  Does this mean that 
there is something happening that is preventing these packages from being moved? 

7. Is there anything I can do to help work on the problem that might temporarily get orca working again on this machine? 

8. When the new packages are installed on this machine, will orca just start working again, or will we have to do anything to it?

9. When you decide what version of the kernel to include in the next release, will it just come down to testing from unstable and be installed like 
any other package, or will we have to install it separately?

10. I decided to use debian because of its stability, and this has proved to be true.  Thanks for a good system that works even without the desktop 
component.  In the future, in order to avoid this happening again, how long would you recommend waiting after the next stable release before running 
any upgrades?

11. Why does mplayer crash instead of showing videos on the command line? 

12.  Why does pulseaudio constantly roll errors on the first text console about not opening slave and a few more when it is working properly? 

Well, this is all I have to ask.  I didn't mean to puvv up my system, but, I hope it can be fixed soon.  I will be most greatful when it is.  Most of 
all, my girlfriend, who originally came from a windblow$ background, and wants her gui back, will be most greatful.  We both use this machine and we 
need to do some tasks that require the gui and some that require the command line.  

We will be waiting for the new packages.  You are also in our prayers that you can get the whole system working again soon.  I hope to keep up to date 
somehow on the progress of this, and I have another question for you once this is done and I am through with some training I am doing.  

most sincerely yours: 

Doug Smith: Special Agent
S.W.A.T  Spiritual Warfare and Advanced Technology
Forever serving our LORD and SAVIOUR, JESUS CHRIST.

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