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Re: When will the orca screen reader work again?

Klaus Knopper, le Mon 03 Jun 2013 12:02:36 +0200, a écrit :
> My personal experience with Debian is, if you need to get something
> working quickly, which doesn't currently do what you need, you'll
> have to do it by yourself and share your results, rather than waiting
> for someone else to jump on it.  Putting pressure on developers and
> maintainers just makes things worse.

This is actually true for most opensource projects.

> It may be a philosophical question whether or not a Debian package
> should be immediately usable after installation,

It's not a question, it has to work. But the integration of gnome 3.8
into Debian testing takes time, and things get broken in the meanwhile,
that is not surprising.

> I'm still not sure about Debian's configuration philosophy, I always
> had to change things in order to get a sane and usable system after
> instalation.

That's not supposed to happen, it should be already usable.


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