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Re: Wheezy images and speech

Hello Geoff,

Geoff Shang schrieb am 28.01.2013, 16:57 +0200:
>Given then that GRML is no longer an option, at least for now, and
>with the Wheezy release fast approaching,  I took a look at the
>various boot images.  But I'm a bit confused.
>The release notes say that we can just hit "s" and enter when booting
>the installation media, but it doesn't say if this is supported on
>all image types (e.g. netinst or something bigger), and it also
IMHO it's supported on netinst and bigger. If business-card still exists, I
think there you won't have accessibility features.

>doesn't say whether this will place you into a GUI or text
>environment during and after installation.
Since this up to your choice, at least after the installation. During the
installation, you will have a text environment. What you get afterwards depends
on whether you select a Desktop. If you use the DVD with GNOME, an accessible
Desktop will be set up.

>I also read about Debian Live and its rescue mode, and thought
>perhaps it might be a good substitute for GRML if it has speech
>support.  But I was unable to discover if it does.
I don't know, but I don't think so. Last time I tried the live system didn't have
BRLTTY by default, so I stopped using it.

>I'm sure this is probably all written up somewhere, but a search of
>the Debian website was unable to turn it up.  Or rather, I got sick

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