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Re: debian-installer: No sound when using software speech

reassign 667743 alsa-utils-udeb


Tony Baechler, le Fri 06 Apr 2012 04:41:11 -0700, a écrit :
> When booting the CD, I press "s" and Enter to start software speech.
> I get no sound.  I have to go to a shell and run amixer.  My sound
> card is a Sound Blaster Audigy using the emu_10k1 module.
> Apparently, "Audigy/Analog digital output jack" is set to on, which
> effectively mutes the card.

Oops, looking at the utils.sh script, it is explicitly set to on there.
Do we know exactly why this is so?  It looks like it poses problems on
Tony's machine.  I can see in the changelog on 19th Sep 2005:

initscript: Don't set "Audigy Analog/Digital Output Jack"
The driver should set this up properly

So perhaps we should just re-comment that part to let the driver
automatically enable the proper way?  It is a quite serious bug in this
case, because without software speech, makes the installer becomes
unusable for Tony on that machine.


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