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Re: Volunteering to experiment with AT-SPI 2 and Orca

Jean-Philippe MENGUAL <mengualjeanphi@free.fr> wrote:
> Hi Jason,
> Well let's do a small balance of things, now I did personally some tests
> on sid. If I understand things (and my experience is):
> - On testing, we are on gnome3, but orca and atspi is deprecated. Ok?

Yes, and obviously the packages in testing at the moment don't work, due to
the Gnome 3 that is now in testing.
> - On sid, we are on gnome3 too. If we use orca (experimental) and atspi2
> (experimental), it works. I got braille, I could do alt-F1, browse in
> menus, open gedit, set orca preferences. I didn't find any "Close
> session" button and I didn't access to the panel (the nautilus desktop).
> Do you have a similar result? I prrecise I only got that after
> installing libatspi2 from experimental, then I have always the
> workaround for gtk3 problem I mentioned when gnome-terminal was updated
> in gnome-panel.
> What about for you?

I haven't tried it yet. I was hoping to jump straight to the latest at-spi 2,
since the version currently in experimental is very out of date.

You'll find that Luke has been working on at-spi packages and that his changes
for Ubuntu are in a Git branch, which also includes recent upstream code.

If you're trying to create Debian packages, perhaps start by merging those
Ubuntu changes into a local branch, make appropriate changes (e.g., to the
pakcage names) and see if you can get working binary packages.

Somebody else may well have progressed further than we have; I don't want to
duplicate the efforts of others or to get in the way.

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