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Volunteering to experiment with AT-SPI 2 and Orca

I inadvertently upgraded my laptop late last year without keeping appropriate
packages on hold. As a result, I have Gnome 3 installed. My choices are either
to upgrade to AT-SPI 2 and latest Orca, or to try to downgrade Gnome +

I'm willing to be the tester for AT-SPI 2 and recent Orca packaging efforts if
anybody else is working on it or heading there.

I have the at-spi2-core and atspi2-atk git repositories cloned (both upstream
and the repositories for the Debian packages). The latest work is in Luke's
Ubuntu branch.

So, what are others doing, and how can I best fit in at this point?

I'll be at Linux.conf.au 2012 all next week. While it would be useful to have
at least a partially working Orca on the laptop by then, I'm not concerned
about it if not - I still have perfectly usable console access, which is what
I use much of the time anyway.

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