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Re: Bug#649503: Please package last version and upload it to unstable

Kenny Hitt <hittsjunk@gmail.com> wrote:
> hi.  Unfortunately, we won't know for sure until Debian switches.
> Based on what I've read, gnome 3 will be aweful, but maybe not.

3.2 is reputedly better than 3.0.
> My current gnome in Debian has already lost it's desktop and action menu.  I don't know if this is on purpose or a bug.
> I've decided to wait to file bugs until the transition completes.

I think that's a wise decision.
> Even though I'm not confident, I agree with Jason that it's time to switch and file bugs.
> Switching Sid to the latest at-spi2 and gnome-orca now will allow for enough time to figure out work arounds for bugs
> that can't be fixed.

Debian is moving to Gnome 3.2 anyway, so we don't have a choice at this point,
unless I'm misunderstanding the situation. Gnome-shell depends ultimately on
AT-SPI 2, hence the request for the upgrade.

> My only concern is I've come to depend on iceweasel to manage my banking.  If my access to iceweasel breaks, I'm going to
> be in trouble.

If you have more than one machine, I suppose you could put the relevant
Gnome-related packages on hold.

Iceweasel is the only X application I care about accessing at the moment. The
rest is not going to affect my work in any way. I run Libreoffice to convert
documents, but I do it from the shell with unoconv, which never invokes the

I'm also interested in getting Chromium and ChromeVox running under Debian,
and ATK support for Chromium is reportedly under development as well, so there
will be more choices in the browser space soon. Webkit GTK is another
forthcoming option, but Chromium is clearly the popular candidate.

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