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speakup and espeak synthasizer

I was looking for information about booting debian using the software synth espeak with speakup. I think there should be a link or chapter telling about this on the debian.org page with the manual for debian. I was looking for in particular boot prompt keywords to boot debian install media with speakup using espeak no ware on page of contense was a ref to be found about accessibility or speakup. I have an old dectalk serial port external I can use for now, but the speaker in it died and I can only use it with headphones or external speakers.
  I can boot slackware using
speakup.s speakup.synth=decext speakup.ser=1
to boot slackware linux. I am looking for the equivalent in debian. Also I would like to have boot prompt key words to start speakup with the espeak software synth.
    An accessibility link would be nice on debian.org's page as well.

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