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Re: Bug#638297: O: edbrowse -- A /bin/ed-alike webbrowser

pj@pjb.com.au <pj@pjb.com.au> wrote:
> It's a very important editor, it works very well with speakup
> and is IMHO the editor of choice for ageing vi users, better
> than vim (until someone makes vim self-speaking like emacspeak ?).

I wouldn't be surprised if younger users start discovering it as well
> The Javascript support can also be very useful.

I've occasionally run edbrowse for that reason alone, in circumstances in
which starting an X session and invoking Iceweasel either wasn't possible at
the time or would have been more work.

For sites that use Javascript to validate forms, it's fine, but not for
anything more complex. If you need support for the DOM, XMLHTTPRequest, HTML 5
interfaces, etc., your options are Mozilla and WebKit.

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