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Re: Bug#638297: O: edbrowse -- A /bin/ed-alike webbrowser


pj@pjb.com.au <pj@pjb.com.au> wrote on Fr, Aug 19, 2011 at 11:28:04 +1000:
>Mario Lang wrote:
>> While it (edbrowse) is a very interesting tool, I still find
>> lynx more convenient :-).  However, its really useful for
>> scripting and generally, for command-line freaks.
>It's a very important editor, it works very well with speakup
>and is IMHO the editor of choice for ageing vi users, better
>than vim (until someone makes vim self-speaking like emacspeak ?).
I did one step in this direction. It's far from being self-voicing, I
currently implemented just a line-by-line read function, but if there's enough
interest, I would of course extend it.
You can download it from
Only requirement is a user-wide speech-dispatcher (running).

You can run it by:
  :source readalout.vim
And now a "\" in visual mode. Now the arrow keys up and down should read the
content of the buffer/tab you are in.

You control speed and language by ':let lang=' and ':let speed=' .

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