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Re: can't install squeeze with el80s Braille-Display

Halim Sahin <halim.sahin@freenet.de> writes:

>> > Today I did the following:
>> > 1. Started my machine with grml64 live-cd which has a working brltty
>> > (also amd64).
>> > 2. I used kvm and the debian squeeze netinst iso to install squeeze on my
>> > hard disk.
>> >
>> > 3. Botted the installed squeeze and brltty works fine :-).
>> Good.  Can you try and get us some log output
>> from the installer?  BRLTTY will log to a console, maybe
>> you can get sighted assistance to check if there are any errors reported?
>> As you can guess, its rather hard to reproduce this issue, I dont have
>> access to an EL80S, neither directly nor via borrowing...
> Well I.ll try to get assistance for reading the logs.
> What I tried last week:
> After selecting the language (with assistance) switched to tty2
> pidof brltty
> showed that brltty was started.
> killed it and tried restart:
> brltty -b pm -t de
> Brltty started but  the brailledisplay did not display something diffeerent :-(.

Hmm, this is indeed very strange, since the debian installer version of
brltty is built from the same sources as the package which ends up in
the installed system.  The differences are pretty minimal and should not
affect the drivers...

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