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Re: can't install squeeze with el80s Braille-Display

Halim Sahin <halim.sahin@freenet.de> writes:

> This week I tried to Install squeeze (amd64) using a Papenmeier el80s
> Brailledisplay.
> The netinst-cd boots but no braille output comes up :-(.

Just to verify, can you please check the USB vendor and product ID of
your device?  It should be 0403:f208.

> Today I did the following:
> 1. Started my machine with grml64 live-cd which has a working brltty
> (also amd64).
> 2. I used kvm and the debian squeeze netinst iso to install squeeze on my
> hard disk.
> 3. Botted the installed squeeze and brltty works fine :-).

Good.  Can you try and get us some log output
from the installer?  BRLTTY will log to a console, maybe
you can get sighted assistance to check if there are any errors reported?
As you can guess, its rather hard to reproduce this issue, I dont have
access to an EL80S, neither directly nor via borrowing...


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