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Re: mplayer and vlc both degraded in sid


Jude DaShiell <jdashiel@shellworld.net> (23/07/2011):
> I don't know how things are in squeeze and wheezy, but 
> http://acbradio.org/treasure-trove.pls not only no longer works in vlc or 
> mplayer, cvlc breaks in the same way when attempting to play that url.  
> The http://acbradio.org/treasure-trove.wax and 
> http://acbradio.org/treasure-trove.ram files are equally unplayable.  The 
> mpg321 player was not helpful and this was after hooking up to the 
> http://www.debian-multimedia.org/ site and doing an update.  I'm not going 
> to say vlc is completely useless since I found one site it will play, 
> http://www.folkalley.com/folkalley.pls but for now that's all it can do.

with either (c)vlc or mplayer, on various URL:

Server returned 404: File Not Found
STREAM_ASF, URL: http://acbradio.org:8000/trove
Resolving acbradio.org for AF_INET6...

Couldn't resolve name for AF_INET6: acbradio.org
Resolving acbradio.org for AF_INET...
Connecting to server acbradio.org[]: 8000...

Server returned 404:File Not Found

It looks like your media was moved, or removed?


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