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Re: Problems after upgrade


Very interested in your answer Mario! You maybe will be able to help me
much more than you think if you like! [smiley]

Le mercredi 09 février 2011 à 17:10 +0100, Mario Lang a écrit : 
> Jean-Philippe MENGUAL <mengualjeanphi@free.fr> writes:
> That is totally to be expected behaviour.  Package pre and post-install
> scripts are not supposed to touch anything in /home,
> the upgrading of these files is supposed to happen when you launch
> the respective applications the first time.
> This is documented in the release notes for Squeeze.
I didn't find this point in notes. Well no problem I can search. I'll try again with a fully new user.

> > In terminal, no problem. At the end of the process, I did apt-get
> > autoremove to clean up. I was surprised, it deleted wodim but I
> > re-installed it.
> Its probably a good idea for you to review the list of
> packages to be removed by apt-get autoremove before you accept the
> action to take place.  The definition of "old, unused" packages for
> autoremove might be a little different from what you expect, at least
> thats what I read in the paragraph above.
I'll do this too. Are there in log (/var/apt)? I'm worry that it removed packages which were necessary for orca do read properly Gnome, which would explain my problems on the desktop and alt-F1. I didn't understand autoremove's approach of old packages. I would appreciate explanations anyway :)

> I am probably not of very much help to you here, since my speech
> setup is a little bit more conservative.  I still use gnome-speech
> with ibmtts on one machine and espeak on my other desktop.
You're great rather! I use speech-dispatcher as ibmtts doesn't support anymore gnome-speech, but I would love using still gnome-speech. I have 2 kinds of problems: if I use the old installer on a squeeze, it doesn't install properly (dpkg error, doesn't speak and is not seen by orca settings menu); if I use newer (0.32), it doesn't use gnome-speech and I can't force this. How did you associate ibmtts - sid - gnome-speech? It's exactly what I want to do if I can! I spent a night trying without success. Nethertheless, espeak, I really can't. :)

> And, I am still keeping away from PulseAudio.  
I would like too! :) If I can I will do but it seems gnome depends on it. Can I do with alsa even with gnome (sound system, ...)? With alsa, do you have still beeps from the speaker when, for instance, you do backspace on Run menu (alt-F2) whereas there're not anymore characters to delete. If yes, yes I'll keep alsa! You know, if I'm so careful in my ufqeade to squeeze, it's because I don't want to move things which work. So if I can keep gnome-speech and alsa without consequences in using daily gnome, it's great! Tell me how you do please.

> For now, I need a working
> Orca+Firefox, so I stay away from too much change around my desktop
> accessibility infrastructure.
Right, I need more apps on Gnome (firefox, but also OOo, and mail, ...).

> Its going to be a hell of a ride
> soon anyways, with upcoming AT-SPI D-Bus migration and the very likely
> final deprecation of gnome-speech.
That's why ibmtts told me "we don't support gnome-speech". But I'm very interested in your solutions. Really your help in these would be very nice and appreciated.

> -- 
> CYa,
>   ⡍⠁⠗⠊⠕
Jean-Philippe MENGUAL

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