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Problems after upgrade


I write here before orca ML to know if someone experienced what
I'mexperiencing. After my upgrade, my home staid at the same state as on
lenny (I mean, .gconf, .gnome2, ... directories weren't changed). In
terminal, no problem. At the end of the process, I did apt-get
autoremove to clean up. I was surprised, it deleted wodim but I
re-installed it.

The biggest problem now is: I seem to be able to use pidgin,
newsbeuter, ... on Gnome. But I cannot read the screen about migration
of Evolution, and especially I cannot read items on the desktop, nor the
menus when I press alt-F1. Orca is anyway very slow, doesn't read these
parts of the screen.

Did you experience that? Is there a possible explanation? If no, should
I re-do the dist-upgrade?

I precise that I had same problem creating a new user. I use
speech-dispatcher and voxin (ibmtts). I have also problems (pulseaudio
pollutes my screen with a lot of strange messages). Finally, I don't
hear anymore beeps from the PC (the speaker) on Gnome (I heard this at
the 1st boot, then not anymore). pulseaudio seems unstable.

Thanks if you have some explanations. I can do again upgrade but I am
worry I'll have the same result.


Jean-Philippe MENGUAL

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