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Re: Problems after upgrade

Jean-Philippe MENGUAL <mengualjeanphi@free.fr> writes:

> After my upgrade, my home staid at the same state as on lenny (I mean,
> .gconf, .gnome2, ... directories weren't changed).

That is totally to be expected behaviour.  Package pre and post-install
scripts are not supposed to touch anything in /home,
the upgrading of these files is supposed to happen when you launch
the respective applications the first time.
This is documented in the release notes for Squeeze.

> In terminal, no problem. At the end of the process, I did apt-get
> autoremove to clean up. I was surprised, it deleted wodim but I
> re-installed it.

Its probably a good idea for you to review the list of
packages to be removed by apt-get autoremove before you accept the
action to take place.  The definition of "old, unused" packages for
autoremove might be a little different from what you expect, at least
thats what I read in the paragraph above.

> The biggest problem now is: I seem to be able to use pidgin,
> newsbeuter, ... on Gnome. But I cannot read the screen about migration
> of Evolution, and especially I cannot read items on the desktop, nor the
> menus when I press alt-F1. Orca is anyway very slow, doesn't read these
> parts of the screen.

I have not done any Lenny -> Squeeze upgrades on Orca-enabled
machines yet, so I can not confirm these problems.
I do, as Jason, run debian unstable, relatively regularily updated, and
it does not show any problems with the Alt+F1 menu.

> I precise that I had same problem creating a new user. I use
> speech-dispatcher and voxin (ibmtts).

I am probably not of very much help to you here, since my speech
setup is a little bit more conservative.  I still use gnome-speech
with ibmtts on one machine and espeak on my other desktop.

> I have also problems (pulseaudio pollutes my screen with a lot of
> strange messages).

And, I am still keeping away from PulseAudio.  For now, I need a working
Orca+Firefox, so I stay away from too much change around my desktop
accessibility infrastructure.  Its going to be a hell of a ride
soon anyways, with upcoming AT-SPI D-Bus migration and the very likely
final deprecation of gnome-speech.

> Finally, I don't hear anymore beeps from the PC (the speaker) on Gnome
> (I heard this at the 1st boot, then not anymore).

Since I am still on gdm(2) I can't help there either, sorry.


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