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Re: Installing Debian from Usb-stick with brltty-suport

But what is the reason that the usb-stick-method not works? Is it the init ram disk or some other reason? I agree to, this should be fixed, if this is working every one can simply put the Network-installer on a usb-stick and simply install an actual debian-version on pcs of friends and so on.
Am 22.12.2010 08:47, schrieb Jason White:
Samuel Thibault<sthibault@debian.org>  wrote:

Err, yes and no: the brltty script automatically disables bterm.
That's great.
My advice: boot into GRML and use that to install Debian with BRLTTY.
(http://www.grml.org/ and see the GRML wiki for BRLTTY instructions.)
Please no: let's just fix the real issues rather than circumvent them,
because else the issues will never be fixed and users will never be
happy and will just continue saying that Debian is not accessible.
I agree with this, preferably before the Squeeze release, provided that it
doesn't put undue pressure on Samuel and other Debian volunteers who are doing
wonderful work.

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