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Installing Debian from Usb-stick with brltty-suport

Hi, i tried to install Debian from Usb-stick with first using the Boot.img-image in the hd-media-directory. After boot with the stick brltty starts but some seconds later it displays only screen not in text mode (i tried to press enter to start the normal installation but nothing happens). After that i thought that the .img-files could contain only the grafical installer so i manualy installed syslinux on the Usb-stick, configured it and copied the initr.gz, vmlinuz and .iso-file on the Stick. After booting the same happens like with the .img-file. I tried this to with the netboot-install-files and the grafical installer, all with the same result. Did the init ram disc-file causing this problems? Can i install debian from usb-stick with braille-support? I was able to open a new text-console every try with ctrl+alt+f2. Can i start the installation from there? I would be very happy if i will be able to install debian without a Cd-rom-drive.

Viktor Kratz

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