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Re: Installing Debian from Usb-stick with brltty-suport

Samuel Thibault <sthibault@debian.org> wrote:
> Err, yes and no: the brltty script automatically disables bterm.

That's great.
> > My advice: boot into GRML and use that to install Debian with BRLTTY.
> > (http://www.grml.org/ and see the GRML wiki for BRLTTY instructions.)
> Please no: let's just fix the real issues rather than circumvent them,
> because else the issues will never be fixed and users will never be
> happy and will just continue saying that Debian is not accessible.

I agree with this, preferably before the Squeeze release, provided that it
doesn't put undue pressure on Samuel and other Debian volunteers who are doing
wonderful work.

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