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Re: Bug#595292: ITP: daisy-player -- player for Daisy talking books (DTB)


> At the moment there are two possible issues with the package.
> 1) Upstream ships the binary in the source tree, I suppose I should ask
> him to remove it in the future (lintian also tells this).

I did a quick package for vinux until this makes  it back from debian to
ubuntu and vinux.  I just deleted the binary in the debian packaging
branch I had, its sort of a hack, but simple solution if he wants to
ship a binary.

> 2) Upstream has created udev rules, which partly seem to me to be an
> unacceptable hack. He is changing permissions for group audio. My guess
> would be that his problem should probably be fixed some place else. Does
> anybody have a good idea about this?

yeah, I just ignored that part, there might be a right way to do
whatever he wants to do but that doesn't seem like it.


> Aha, and I should change the maintainer address to this list of course.
> Paul
> [1] http://git.debian.org/?p=pkg-a11y/daisy-player.git

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