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Re: Metapackages for accessibility

On Sun, Jul 25, 2010 at 03:55:14PM +0200, Mario Lang wrote:
>  * The "apps" tasks is very ambigious and overlaps with packages tags:

I tried to follow the categorisation in the Wiki (website??).  Just
dropped the task which seems to be in fact useless featuring only one
>    It feels alot more useful to solve the application categorisation
>    problem with package tags,

What do you mean with "package tags"?  Do you mean DebTags?
In fact I'm considering a closer connection between DebTags and the
Blends stuff but I have not yet made up my mind about this.
>  * Toolkit tasks:
>    1. Where do we put mono-winforms-a11y?

I do not really understand this question.  Please be more verbose what
package to put in which category if some decision is made.

>    2. Should we drop the gnome task since they are already handled via
>       recommends?

Where is it recommended?  If you ask me I would not drop the task even
if it might add some redundency.
>  * natbraille is wrongly categorized, it should be in braille, not
>    console.

It was also in braille (but only as suggests) but was not showing up
there because I had the extra information for the prospective package
only in one task file.  I moved it now to braille.  We might find a
final solution once it is really available as Debian package.

Kind regards



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