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Re: Speech Dispatcher issues

>>>>> "TS" == Trevor Saunders <trev.saunders@gmail.com> writes:

    TS> What's really bad about this is that all they had to do was copy
    TS> code from alsaplay or aplay, they hardly have to write anything
    TS> new at all.

I doubt it was that easy, there are some important differences between
requirements on audio players and speech output (e.g. on speed of
response).  But if it is easy, why nobody else has fixed it during the

Nevertheless it is true that Speech Dispatcher development is primarily
focused on using sound servers.  Low-level communication with audio
system is a job of a sound server, not of a speech dispatcher.  I think
the primary reason why Speech Dispatcher duplicated sound server
functionality by implementing the ALSA and OSS interfaces at all was
that no sound server well useable for speech output had been found until
PulseAudio appeared and started to actually work.

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