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Re: Speech Dispatcher issues

>>>>> "TS" == Trevor Saunders <trev.saunders@gmail.com> writes:

    TS> However the main problem of the in alsa (I suspect its some sort
    TS> of race) hasn't been fixed, and Braille Comm doesn't seem very
    TS> interested in fixing it (its been around atleast since lenny was
    TS> released).

AFAIK the upstream developer from Brailcom has worked a lot trying to
fix various ALSA and PulseAudio Speech Dispatcher problems and is very
interested in fixing them.  The problem is that Linux audio system
itself is not perfect and there have been issues out of Speech
Dispatcher scope (e.g. in ALSA, PulseAudio, GLib) which make the work on
Speech Dispatcher much harder and that are sometimes not easy to resolve
even when working with other upstream developers.  So some problems are
still there because of lack of help rather than because of lack of
interest of the Speech Dispatcher developer.

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