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Re: Speech Dispatcher issues

>>>>> "MA" == Matt Arnold <mattarnold5@gmail.com> writes:

    MA>  I am using Debian default configuration, and get no speech
    MA> output when the SPEAK command is issued from any client. I've
    MA> tried spd-say, Orca, my custom client, and just plain
    MA> openbsd-netcat. Sometimes it will output a sentence or two and
    MA> then, stop again. I've checked for the usual audio problems
    MA> /dev/dsp being locked, etc. But all other audio works. mp3
    MA> player, festival, espeak. I've checked that I'm not sending
    MA> badly formed data to the server (hence openbsd-netcat test). The
    MA> only thing I've not tried yet is using the unix socket interface
    MA> as opposed to the tcp, but I don't think that will make a
    MA> difference as all that is really doing is changing the socket
    MA> address family, unless there is some information I don't have
    MA> that would make AF_UNIX a better way to do it.

It is very important to know which distribution
(stable/testing/unstable) and which Speech Dispatcher version (0.7 or
0.6.*) you use.  There are important changes in use of Speech Dispatcher
0.7 and unless you use stable distribution you should start with Speech
Dispatcher 0.7.  If you upgrade from Speech Dispatcher 0.6.* to 0.7 on a
new installation, I suggest to purge the old speech-dispatcher package
before installing the new version.

When I know whether you use stable + 0.6* or testing/unstable + 0.7 then
we can go on.

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