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Re: Upcoming Section changes in the archive

Joerg Jaspert, le Thu 26 Feb 2009 21:07:35 +0100, a écrit :
> We plan on changing the current sections in the archive. With the rapid
> growth of archive, many of them have become too big to be useful anymore.
> The new sections are:
> ruby                     Everything about ruby, an interpreted object oriented
>                          language.
> java                     Everything about Java
> video                    Video viewers, editors, recording, streaming
> fonts                    Font packages
> gnustep                  The Gnustep environment
> xfce                     The XFCE Desktop, fast and lightweight Desktop
>                          Environment.
> httpd                    Webservers and their modules
> localisations            Language packs
> debug                    Debug packages
> lisp                     Everything about Lisp
> vcs                      Version control systems
> haskell                  Everything about haskell
> zope                     Zope/Plone Framework
> database                 Databases
> kernel                   Kernel and Kernel modules

Maybe it could be interesting to open an accessibility section?


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