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Re: TR: tasksel + gdm and accessibility issues for the d-i

Aldo, le Sat 21 Feb 2009 16:43:13 +0100, a écrit :
> > That is why I think ultimately, accessibility infrastructure needs to be 
> >part
> > of the default desktop installation.  
> Impossible: we have a need like you already have some at the beginning of
> your Deb installation; explain me please what's the difference or what's the
> problem between having brltty support right in the d-i but not further
> accessibility/assistivity for Gnome ?

Don't mix things: Mario was answering your initial concern, which was
about _installing_ gnome-orca.  He answered by saying that we should
probably rather convince the debian developers that gnome-orca should
just _always_ be installed.  And thus no need for a tasksel item.
That's all he meant to say, no need to go ranting.

Now you are talking about _activation_. That is a quite different
concern (and much more difficult to implement), but yes that would be
good too. Now, about the difference: as I explained in French on another
list it is merely that it has to be done, and nobody yet took the time
to do it, that's all.

> on the other hand, OK, suppose it must and will be part of the
> desktop;

But he meant not enabled by default.

> how far shall this irritate sighted persons or have an effect
> to the hole system and its fluidity ?

Thus no other issue than disk space (just like internationalization).

> What you are explaining is interesting, but you don't answer to the problem
> of being able to have that assistive tech tool "on" at the first boot/login
> into your 1st session: the only way to give an answer to this problem is by
> adding that choice in tasksel, IMHO the right place, as it is the right
> place for the (Gnome) Desktop.

Nope. Tasksel deals with installing packages, not configuring them.

> I think so the two approaches might be interesting but you have to begin
> from the beginning, and that means for me: if you already did an effort to
> prvide and fit brltty support from the boot: prompt, its coherent and
> logical then to finish the job by providing the [*]Orca Asssistive Tech
> button in / during the installer. 

Sure, but as said above, it takes time, and nobody has taken it yet,
that's all.  Really, it's not easy like snapping fingers...


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