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New assistive technology open source project

Hi guys,

My name is Cesar Mauri. Since 2003 I'm working with machine vision and
alternative computer access close to the people of the Cerebral Palsy
Association in Tarragona (Spain). I've just launched an (my first) open
source project called Enable Viacam (eViacam) based on the former
commercial application Facial Mouse.


eViacam is a mouse replacement software that moves the pointer as you move
your head. It works on standard PCs equipped with a web camera. No
additional hardware is required. I.e. it enables computer access for
people with severe disabilities with good head control.

eViacam is in production/stable stage. Inherits most code from the
commercial version which has been successfully tested with handicapped
people with ALS, cerebral palsy, tetraplegia among others.

To my knowledge, eViacam is the first serious attempt to bring this kind
of assistive technology to the open source community. Development isn't
completed yet, but the released version (0.9) is fully functional and
includes most of the commercial version features. In the future the open
source version will substitute the commercial one. eViacam is being
developed using wxWidgets and opencv1. I use debian etch as development
platform (I'm debian user since 1997) and MS Win (yes also runs for this).

I feel that eViacam it is a good candidate to be included in the
mainstream distribution.

Comments are welcomed.



César Mauri Loba
CREA Sistemes Informàtics
C/ Sant Isidre 4 2 C
43120 Constantí (Tarragona)
Tel. +34 655 405 915

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