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Re: New assistive technology open source project


Looks like a very useful package indeed. Just a few points

- ./creavision/crvmisc.cpp:		return (char *)((int) img->imageData + x + (y * img->widthStep))

will break on all 64bit platforms, where int is smaller than pointers. Use uintptr_t instead.

- configure should check the presence of libXtst.so

- I tried to start the program on a 64bit machine, it opened a few
windows then hung, without any output in the windows.  On a 32bit
machine it properly told me that I do not have any camera.

- on the 32bit machine, xcb throwed me a lot of "Locking assertion
failure."  You should probably try to run it against libxcb-xlib0-dev
yourself to fix these.


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