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Re: [orca-list] Installing Debian on the EEE PC

The Eee_pc has a card reader from which you can also boot, so, if you have 
a cardreader, you can install on another pc onto the sd card and then just 
boot from that.
I do not know about debian, but ubuntu has the correct ethernet driver at 
least from 7.10.
You can also start using a live ubuntu cd and get orca talking, get a 
terminal and do your thing from there.
I am struggling to get a kernel with speakup that will work on the Eee_pc.
Regards, Willem

On Tue, 30 Sep 2008, Jason White wrote:

> On Mon, Sep 29, 2008 at 03:35:11PM -0400, Erik Heil wrote:
> > Was considering purchasing an EEE PC with the goal of installing Sid on
> > it.  Went to the Debian Wiki, and I do see that they have a specific
> > customized version of Debian for use on it.  However, since the EEE PC
> > does not have any serial port, which would be the easiest way to install
> > Debian on it?  
> You would need to check this, but I think it supports PXE in the BIOS, so you
> could boot from that if needed. Next, you need a kernel that will recognize
> the network hardware, so you can run sshd.
> Maybe one of the live Debian-based distributions will work. The key point is
> getting a kernel with the necessary drivers.
> Debootstrap will create a basic Debian installation on the flash drive for
> you. Obviously, you would have to create the file systems manually
> first. I haven't used debootstrap, but I'm sure there is documentation
> available.
> If this can't be done successfully now, it should be possible to make it work
> with a little effort.
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