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Installing Debian on the EEE PC

Was considering purchasing an EEE PC with the goal of installing Sid on
it.  Went to the Debian Wiki, and I do see that they have a specific
customized version of Debian for use on it.  However, since the EEE PC
does not have any serial port, which would be the easiest way to install
Debian on it?  Note that I do have access to a shole bunch of other
machines, so it is not at all critical that I have a native talking
install.  Preferably via SSH.  That way I can install gdm and
gnome-desktop-environment and Orca and all its friends.  XFCE does not
work with Orca as of yet, so I don't think that's a viable option.  Any
thoughts would be appreciated.


SDF Public Access UNIX System - http://sdf.lonestar.org

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