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RE: [orca-list] Installing Debian on the EEE PC

Hi Erik,
well, unfortunately the Debian version for the Eee doesn't have Brltty
or any accessibility software, so you can forget it really. The
installer for the "normal" Debian doesn't recognice the network
interfaces of the Eee, so you can only perform a minimum installation.
There's a page in the Wiki that describes how to install packages that
will allow you to use the network interface and such, but that never
worked out for me. Of course, you could ask a sighted person to install
Debian Eee for you, but they made some customizations to Gnome so I
wouldn't be surprised if Orca won't work. There's also a Ubuntu version
for the Eee that was accessible, but in the latest release they also
changed the desktop so Orca won't work anymore. If you wanna get a
laptop to run Linux on, I wouldn't recommend the Eee for you, at least
not yet. Maybe Eee drivers will be included in the normal distributions,
maybe not, sorry!

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