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Re: New speakup-udeb component

On Wednesday 28 May 2008, Samuel Thibault wrote:
> Possibly not, see attached files: speakup-udeb.startup gets run early,
> sees the speakup statement on the kernel command line, and in that
> case modprobes speakup and disables the framebuffer.  In addition to
> that, speakup-udeb.debinst selects the text frontend.  Eventually,
> speakup-udeb.finish-install installs the module on the target system,
> and sets the module to be auto-loaded on reboot.

Where exactly were you installing these files (full path/filenames 

The scripts need some minor changes to conform with D-I coding style, but 
I can take care of that.

> The scripts by themselves should be fine. The problem is more about
> room.  Speakup modules need a total of 160KB. If that's fine with any
> installation medium, then great, we can just always enable it. We could
> also always have the script, and include the modules only in the cases
> where we can afford it.

Right. As the scripts themselves are negligible, I think we should just 
include them by default and determine actual support by including or not 
including the kernel module udebs. We'll have to see for what arches and 
images we can do that.

What is the status of the kernel support and the l-m-e packaging?

> Scrips will just not work when the modules are not available.

Well, that does not seem to be entirely accurate: they will work, but 
their effect will be nil. It seems to me that the 2 later script should 
check that the $SYNTH module was actually loaded successfully.

From the finish-install script:
>	if apt-install speakup-modules 1>&2

Will that actually work? Should that not include the kernel version, ABI 
and flavor?


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