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New speakup-udeb component

(No need to CC me on replies. Thx.)

Hi Mario, Samuel, others,

The FTP-masters alerted us to the fact that you uploaded a new D-I component 
to the archive: speakup-udeb. We have an agreement with them that they 
check with us before approving packages with new udebs.

It seems that this is only a very minimal udeb (only three hook scripts) and 
we're wondering if there is really a justification to have a separate udeb 
for that.

1) The scripts would possibly fit fine in the rootskel and/or finish-install
2) There would be a change in D-I needed anyway to get your udeb included in
3) Having a udeb in a source package has a cost: it is blocked by default
   for migrations to testing and causes some release management overhead.

So, our questions are:
- can you please send us the scripts so we can review them
- is there a real reason these scripts need to be in a separate udeb (one
  reason could be because they may need to be updated with upstream changes
  in the same source package; another could be that they should not be
  included for all installation methods)
- how were you planning to use these scripts: what images and what
  architectures; did you already have a patch for D-I to include them

Until we have reached agreement on this, the package will not be accepted 
from NEW. For a next time: please check with us before uploading.


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