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Re: Braille printers drivers

Jason White, le Thu 29 May 2008 21:24:34 +1000, a écrit :
> There is also the scenario in which the user has written a BRF file on a
> braille device and wants it reverse translated, formatted and printed. In this
> situation, the output device is a printer, and the input is a BRF file. Do we
> need a proposal for that as well?

I don't think.

> Finally, there's the problem that BRF files would be hard to distinguish
> automatically from other types of ASCII input in a way that is reliable.

Can't we just rely on the extension?

> Find the first non-whitespace text at the start of the file, then read the
> file until the next form feed is encountered. If the page length and the
> longest line length are within the dimensions of the output braille device,
> then it's a BRF file.

Since text files are usually 80 wide, that could work indeed.

> BRF files also use entirely uppercase or entirely lowercase letters, which
> could serve as an additional check.

Why not.


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