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Re: Braille printers drivers

Kenny Hitt, le Thu 29 May 2008 05:06:21 -0500, a écrit :
> Normally, the difference with Braille printers is the format of the file.

Just like any other printer.

> The text will need to be converted to brf first.

Just like .pdf usually need to be converted to .ps first.

> This user uses turbobraille to translate the file before printing.  nfbtrans will also work to translate to and from brf file format.

Then why not including them to cups?

lp foo.txt

looks faster to me than

nfbtrans foo.txt foo.brf
lp foo.brf
rm -f foo.brf

Just like

lp foo.pdf

is faster than

pdf2ps foo.pdf foo.ps
lp foo.ps
rm -f foo.ps

(modulo the syntax of nfbtrans which I don't know)

Alternatively, nfbtrans could send the output to the printer directly,
but just running lp foo.txt should be the right way to go...


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